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Galgo adds five new papers to its portfolio

Galgo Fine Papers, which started in 1999 by introducing uncoated laid paper and board from Spain, has since amassed some of the finest papers from the choicest mills across the globe. According to Suneet Jain, director marketing, Galgo Fine Papers, the company has been evolving with the industry. Towards this goal, this year, the company has introduced five new papers to its product offerings.

“In 2016, Galgo launched Glode print enhancement coated fine paper with a ‘lowest price guarantee’. To capitalise on the digital era in print and the need for shorter runs, we added a digital range of paper called Galgo 4D in 2017. This year, we have added three new papers,” Jain said.

These papers include:

Eco Evolution: It comes with best-in-class whiteness and natural rough gloss surface, extraordinary bulk with natural feel, high display of ink colours and outstanding image restoration, special coating and micro-roughness defuses the light giving low glare appearance, quick ink drying time with better project productivity, good resistance to creasing and folding. The paper is applicable for corporate brochures, invites, coffee table books, art catalogues, annual reports, calendars, albums, luxury packaging, display boxes, etc.

Classic Linen, Fine Needle Point, H5 Felt, Hammer, Burlap: These varieties of embossed textured paper will add prestige to messages and give them strength and expressiveness. These are applicable for luxury packaging, display boxes, invites, wedding cards, menus, carry bags, etc.

Registro Smooth and Opalina: These come with ideal composition and finish together with the elegant shade, provide the best base for excellent print jobs. Its extraordinary smoothness and superficial resistance guarantees the best results in offset printing. It’s applicable for publications, journals, hang tags, luxury packaging, etc.

Colours: This enchanting range of bright colors is excellent choice for a variety of print applications. Available in a range of textured colored and smooth colored papers, they provide a perfect lively medium to designs. It’s applicable for wedding card, luxury packaging, box wraps, etc.

Tru Board: These are tough and durable book binding grey boards which offers lay flat, stay flat, accurate caliper and sizes, smooth and even surface, optimal run ability, easy to rotary cut, die cut, crease, score, drill, punch and groove.

“When we started, the industry demand was limited, unorganised and confined to a few verticals. It took us hard work and dedication to help people understand the importance of right paper to make their design more appealing and communication more effective. We did workshops, road shows, digital campaigning to create awareness and demand and make the business grow. Today, it’s a more organised and professional industry, where the customer is more mindful and conscious about the choice of paper,” he added.

According to Jain, the turning point for Galgo came in 2005, when the company did the Galgo Design Awards. “We felt the Indian industry has unified and is cognisant with fine paper requirement. Thus, we decided to add the best of the world papers to our product basket. We joined hands with Samwha Paper, Korea, and introduced Irish and Rendezvous papers. They were an instant hit. Since then there was no turning back. We are committed to constant innovation and we keep adding newer varieties as per the industry demand and requirements,” he said.

Over the years, Galgo has devised ways of optimising customer satisfaction by offering the smart paper solutions. This, according to Jain, is the key to the company success. “Our papers are best in the industry in terms of finesse and quality and are most rationally priced so that it’s a win-win situation for the customer. We keep working to add our product portfolio to match the industry’s growing demand. We also recognise our obligation towards the environment. We became the first paper trading company in India to be FSC®-COC certified, thereby promoting sustainable development and keep in stock a varied range of papers which are environment-friendly and recyclable,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sushant Jain, director, Galgo Fine Papers, has devised an extensive expansion plans and strategies to market these products. The new catalogues are in the making. “Once they are ready, our marketing activity will gain momentum and the team will reach out to prospective clients and end-users with print results and attractive offers,” Jain added.

About Eco Evolution

What does Eco Evolution do?

It’s a print enhancement coated paper with best in class ultra whiteness and natural rough gloss surface, which makes the images come to life to make a special impact to a print job

When was Eco Evolution launched and what markets is it aimed at?

It was launched in June 2018. Eco Evolution is aimed to cater a diverse market applications, such as corporate brochures, catalogues, coffee table books, art catalogues, calendars, luxury packaging, invites, etc where a product or brand or a concept intends to enhance its representation in print media.

How is Eco Evolution manufactured?

Being produced at high quality paper manufacturing units, the production occurs under strict quality control and neutral environment. With fully integrated paper manufacturing and coating process, the mill ensures papers that provide superior printing surfaces with optimal strength, bulk, shade and smoothness and natural feel — features that deliver efficiency on press to the printing customers.

Is it available in FSC®-certified grade; and is it acid-free and pH neutral?

Yes, it’s available with FSC® certification and it is acid-free and pH neutral.

How does it differ from competition papers?

While there are numerous fine paper choices available in the market, Eco Evolution marks a revolution in the Indian fine paper industry, as it conquers the ‘best of the both worlds’ in terms of finesse and affordability.

What is the USP?

Eco Evolution is an experience of perfection, extravagance, artistry, exquisiteness and magic.Furthermore, it’s priced almost up to 15% less than other similar papers available in the market.

How easy is it to use?
Eco Evolution is very user-friendly. Can withstand varied print applications – digital, offset, screen and any latest treatments like hot stamping, foiling, embossing, spot UV, metallic finish, etc and achieving the best possible results.

Which brands in India use Eco Evolution?

Eco evolution has been warmly welcomed by printers across the country. It’s being used for print jobs of almost all known MNCs, PSUs and corporate houses.

What type of technical support and test sheets do you provide for fine-tuning production?

With Galgo’s long standing experience in the fine paper industry, our team is available 24X7 to provide best possible technical support and consultation wherever possible. For long run jobs, we provide test sheets for proofing and fine tuning purpose.

What is the sales target for India in the next 12 months?

With Eco Evolution, we look forward to a market of approximately 1500-2000 MT in next 12 months.

On Registro Smooth and Opalina

What does Registro Smooth and Opalina do?

It’s an uncoated papers with ideal composition and finish together with the elegant shade, which provides the best base for excellent print jobs.

When was Registro Smooth and Opalina launched and what markets is it aimed at?

Launched in April 2018, these papers are ideal to nurture the growing market for hang tags, display boxes, luxury packaging, besides menus, leaflets, calendars, business communication, invitation and hospitality industry.

How is Registro Smooth and Opalina manufactured?

It is produced at Spain’s most modern mill that incorporates high technology in all its processes, to meet the demands of a global specialty and high added value market.

Is it available in FSC®-certified grade?

Yes, FSC®-certified grade of Registro and Opalina are available.

How does it differ from competition papers? What is the USP?

Registro Smooth and Opalina is a perfect mix of precise shade, extraordinary smoothness and superficial resistance, which guarantee the best print result in the industry.

How easy is it to use?

Exquisite smoothness and elegant evenness, the paper is perfectly even on both sides and have excellent stiffness. All these features together make the paper ideal for any printing method – offset, screen, digital, flexography and typography.

How much does it cost?

Galgo always follow a simple policy of HQHP – high quality honest prices. Most reasonably priced, we’ve had a good initial response for registro and opaline by packaging and hand tag industry and foresee the business volume for these papers grow by up to 30-35% within just next 12 months.

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