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Glode: Quality fine paper at a reasonable price

Galgo Fine Papers launched the Glode range of papers in 2015 as the ‘most reasonably priced’ fine paper in the industry, offering good quality fine paper at most economical prices. Since then, Glode has proved to be the most popular brand among customers, and according to the company, it is literally selling like hot cakes. In this brief interview, Sushant Jain of Galgo Fine Papers explains about Glode and what it can do.

What does Glode do?

Glode is a print enhancement rough gloss coated fine paper, used for varied print applications like printing of catalogues and brochures, calendars, annual reports, coffee table books, carry bags, tags, luxury packaging, etc.

When was Glode launched and what markets is it aimed at?

Glode was launched in the year 2015. The purpose of bringing Glode was to offer “good quality fine paper at a very reasonable price”. At Galgo, we focus on Smart Luxury — Smart reflects on being cost-effective and luxury focus on finesse and quality. Glode is aimed at a market not catered to until date by fine papers due to its higher price. Until Glode was launched, this segment compromised on quality and settled with art paper owing to cost constraints. With Glode, the printers get a chance to use the print enhancement fine paper for jobs where they were using art paper earlier, thanks to Glode’s reasonable pricing. Also for jobs where a printer was earlier using expensive fine paper, is now using Glode, as he is getting equally good results at much lower price, thus making huge savings.

Is it available in FSC®-certified grade; and is it acid-free and pH neutral?
Yes, we can provide it as FSC®.

How does it differ from competition papers?

Almost the same quality, but at a very reasonable price. Thus, it involves huge savings for printers without compromising on quality

What is the USP?

Glode’s USP is the best of both worlds — best quality at best price. Huge savings without compromising on quality

How easy is it to use?

Glode is a definitely a printer-friendly paper. It can withstand varied print applications and treatments with ease and give visually appealing print results. What’s more, all this at a pocketfriendly price! In this competitive industry, everyone is running to save money but deliver the best. Glode is the answer to this.

Can one print with digital print, litho, silk-screen and letterpress?


What about hot foil stamping and metallic finishes?

With right treatment Glode can withstand any print application.

Which brands in India use Glode?

Almost all corporate houses, ad agencies and printers are opting for Glode for their print jobs, to get a double benefit of good quality at very reasonable prices.

How much does it cost?

The most reasonable paper available in this grade

What is the sales target for India in the next 12 months?

Galgo wish to make Glode the most sellable fine paper in the country. We aim to achieve minimum 30-40% growth within next 12 months.

Weights (gsm): 90, 120, 150, 190, 240, 260

Sheet sizes (in mm): 640×900; 700×1,000

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