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Galgo Fine Papers launches annual calendar

Galgo Fine Papers by Kraftile International launched its annual calendar, ‘Galgo-Samwha Calendar’ revolving around the theme, ‘Inspire and create’.

The event took place on 16 March, 2012 and the event was attended by more than one hundred people from the graphic art, advertising and creative world, corporate houses and others associated with the industry.

Suneet Jain, director at Galgo Fine Papers unveiled the calendar along with the Galgo team and superintendent of Tihar Jail.

Galgo Fine Papers supported the Tihar Jail Inmates Rehabilitation Program – an initiative towards the betterment of the prisoners, as a part of their corporate social responsibility.

“We dedicate our calendar to these jail inmates this year to give them a hope for leading a better life. We dedicate ourselves to exploring new ways to reach out and express in the most effective and simple way,” said Suneet Jain.

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